2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Light Sweet Crude: $45.89 (-1.37)
2015-10-21: WRTG: ICE Brent: $48.61 (-1.85)
2015-10-21: WRTG: RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor: $1.2514 (-0.0766)
2015-10-21: WRTG: Heating Oil NY Harbor: $1.4491 (-0.0475)
2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Natural Gas: $2.442 (0.012)
2016-05-26: OPEC: Daily Basket Price: $45.43
Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016



Ban on Raw Mineral Export in Effect Early 2014

The Government together with the House of Representatives Commission on Energy have unanimously agreed to upheld Law No. 4 2009 on mining which prohibits the export of raw mineral materials.  The government will enforce this ban starting on January 12th 2014 in order to increase domestic mineral value through domestic smelting process.

Article 103 paragraph 1 jo. Article 170 of Law No. 4 / 2009 obligates holders of Contract of Work which are already in production to carry out their smelting process in Indonesia within a period of five years after the implementation of this law.  In addition, regulation on mining export is also stated in Article 112 of Government Regulation No. 23 / 2010. 

“It has been five years after 2009 (mining law), where we have to control the export of raw mineral and build smelter (locally).  This law is aimed at preventing the export of raw minerals, something which I have reiterated over and over since becoming the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources” explains The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) during a meeting with Commission VII on Energy, Thursday (5/12).  “All nine fractions of the House of Representatives have unanimously agreed to support the Government, which we will carry out consistently” added the Minister.

The decision to upheld this policy will certainly stir up rejection from holders of Contract of Work, but the Minister is confident that this is the best option for the nation.  The Minister expects mining companies which are impacted by this decision to implement appropriate measures which may include the acceleration of their mining smeler construction.  The Minister reiterated that the building of smelters will take three years at most until completion, something he feels most company should have completed by now, five years after the Mining Law implementation in 2009. (ITC)