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Ditjen EBTKE-Kyoto University Explores CCS Technology Cooperation

JAKARTA. Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Ditjen EBTKE) explores the development cooperation of Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology in Gindih Field, Central Java together with Kyoto University, Japan.

Director General of EBTKE, Luluk Sumiarso stated that based on policy, CCS will be under the Directorate General of Oil and Gas (Ditjen Migas), while for its CCS technology development will be done by Balitbang KESDM (Research and Development Agency) MEMR. “However, if we refer to REFF-Burn, CCS will be known as C.1. Code or mitigation in the stage of Post-Combustion by utilizing CCS technology,” he says when accepting the team of Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Dr Wawan Gunawan and researcher of Kyoto University, Prof Toshifumi, in Ditjen EBTKE office, Thursday night, May 19th, 2011.

Luluk explained that, Reff-Burn (Reducing Emission from Fossil Fuel Burning) is an initiative concept of clean energy which is designed as an integrated effort of MEMR to decrease green house gas emission in energy sectors. “REFF-Burn identifies the mitigation effort in the stage of Pre, During, and Post-Combustion,” he says.

The initiative strategy of clean energy, he continued, will cover all energy sectors’ efforts and has been considered by International Energy Agency (IEA) to enter to be one of low carbon technology. “REFF-Burn has a very huge potency to be developed for international framework in low carbon technology platform,” says Luluk.

Although in the near future, he will be retired, according to him, his sides will guard the Reff Burn concept through Institute of Clean Energy (IICE). “We will continuously guard the technology development of REFF-Burn even though he will have been outside of MEMR, which is through IICE Indonesia,” he says.

The forming of IICE network is not limited only in Indonesia but also for international level.

Institute of Clean Energy (IICE) is an institute established by Luluk Sumiarso and some of his colleagues in the field of clean energy and climate change by cooperating with the Center for Clean Energy Development- University of Gadjah Mada (UGM). (AK)

Source: http://www.ebtke.esdm.go.id/

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