2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Light Sweet Crude: $45.89 (-1.37)
2015-10-21: WRTG: ICE Brent: $48.61 (-1.85)
2015-10-21: WRTG: RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor: $1.2514 (-0.0766)
2015-10-21: WRTG: Heating Oil NY Harbor: $1.4491 (-0.0475)
2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Natural Gas: $2.442 (0.012)
2016-12-01: OPEC: Daily Basket Price: $49.35
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MEMR Cooperates with Ministry of CSME and Ministry of Public Housing

JAKARTA. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) cq. Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation plans to cooperate with Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise (Ministry of CSME) and Ministry of Public Housing in utilizing renewable energy. That was stated by Dirjen EBTKE, Kardaya Warnika in Jakarta. “I’ve just met Minister of CSME and we have talked about the utilization of EBT and conservation for housing, dormitories, apartments, pesantren, and others,” he says. 

To the future, his side would promote the electricity utilization of solar energy for new developed housing. “We would promote it from initial housing build with solar panel,” says Kardaya.

Meanwhile, the cooperation with Ministry of CSME, Kardaya explained that remembering the majority of renewable energy projects are still developed with small scale such as micro hydro power plants (PLTMH), bio-fuel of jatropha curcas and also cassava. “Usually the scale is not quite big, then cooperatives could involve,” he explains.

According to Kardaya, the future energy sectors is faced with two challenges; energy problem itself and energy problem related to the environment. “Environmentally friendly energy fulfillment in the future is a must.”

Nowadays, humans could not live without energy because energy availability is a very determining factor in life. As an example, industry and economy could not move without energy supply. “Without energy, we could not do anything,” affirms Kardaya.

The question now is how the energy future in Indonesia. There are two things known from Indonesia in energy utilization; wasteful energy consumption and fast energy consumption growth. If we ignore it, then young generation would taste the only misery. “We have triumphed in oil production but now we are include in importing country, not exporting country anymore,” he says.

Further, Kardaya explained that proven oil reserves are only adequate for the next nine years and if there is no more discoveries, it would run out. Meanwhile, for gas is left for the next 40 years. “It is a heavy task. We have to find other energies. Then we could depend on it,” he says. (AK)

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