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This website provides application modules, guides and updated information regarding Indonesia’s oil and gas bidding round and joint study opportunity.

Bidding Procedures
Government of Indonesia awards oil and gas Contract Area through bidding process for local and foreign company. In general, bidding process is conducted in 2 (two) periods in a year, April and September. Information regarding to the area released for the bidding is provided here.

In accordance to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No.35 of 2008, bidding process is conducted through 2 (two) schemes, they are Regular Tender and Direct Proposal Tender. Regular Tender tends to be a rigid process during bidding and basically take it or leave it in principle, Government stipulate the terms & conditions of the area for Regular Tender (i.e signature bonuses, firm commitments, contract schemes etc). Unlike the Regular Tender, Direct proposal schemes offers more flexible process, local or foreign companies may nominate open areas and then given such Joint Study approval to conduct preliminary study with DITJEN MIGAS for 6-8 months. The companies may propose terms & conditions to Government. At the end, this joint study’s area also will be announced for bidding round, where the conductor of joint study shall have privilege to match the higher bid, if there are competitors.

We are now progressing to develop the Joint Study Application module in this website. 

To see areas where the Joint Study is being carried out, please go to Joint Study Map or read more Joint Study Application Guides before decide to apply the Joint Study. But if you wish to see our current bidding round, and ready to participate, please SIGN UP.

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