Geological Agency Gives an Assistance the Clean Water for Two Villages Vulnerable Water

Friday, 17 March 2017 - Dibaca 3632 kali

MAGELANG - Kembanglimus and Ngagoretno Village in Magelang, Central Java is no longer difficult to get clean water as before. The society in two vulnerable categories of clean water have received help rejoiced infrastructure clean water through wells drilled from the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) today, Friday (17/3). Attending the event infrastructure provision of clean water, Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives, H. Harry Purnomo, Assistant III Magelang regency, Drs. Endra Discourse and Head of Groundwater and Environmental Geology. Ir. Rudy Suhendar. M.Sc.

"The Government through the Geological Agency c.q. Centre Groundwater and Environmental Geology obligated to help regions that difficulties in obtaining water from Sabang to Merauke. The obligation, we make it happen today," said Head of Geological Agency, Ego Syahrial.

Society of Kembanglimus and Ngargoretno that during the dry season rely on clean water supply through tank cars, it is now mostly clean water needs can be met from the wellbore assistance from the Geological Agency.

Two village in Magelang Regency, which is supported clean water facilities namely, Kembang Limus, Borobudur District and Village Ngargoretno, Salaman District.

Assistance for Kembang Limus form of the well depth of 62 meters at the rate of 0.6 liters/sec which is expected to serve 200 KKK in the two Village, Gombong and Wonotigo. While the Village Ngargoretno aid in the form of wells with a depth of 72 meters which resulted in the discharge of 1.4 liters/sec and can serve 400 families or 1200 inhabitants of three village namely Tegalombo, Selorejo, and Sumbersari.

Regarding the discharge produced from two wells are relatively small, Head of Geological Agency explained that the two territories beneficiaries of clean water infrastructure located in the hills incise so it is difficult to find the groundwater.

Head of the Geological Agency, adding these two locations next to the Temple of Borobudur and will develop into an international tourism destination. It is hoped this will help clean water can help the development into a tourist area.

Head of the Geological Agency hoped so that the public can maintain throughout the assistance provided and can form the foundation or corporation to manage and distribute a clean water. "Hopefully with the existence of the wellbore can improve the environmental health of the society, because with it we can indulge health to improve the welfare of the soceity better," said Ego. (NA)

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