Jonan: My Duty Makes Energy Sector to be An Efficient Sector

Friday, 28 April 2017 - Dibaca 2617 kali

JAKARTA - In the presence of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Club member or association containing Marketing Director, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan shared his experience on lika meu while serving as the number one man in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

At the beginning of the presentation guided by marketing expert Hermawan Kartajaya, Jonan told the initial target while working at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is to make the energy sector as an efficient sector so as to become the basic sector or spur other sectors in Indonesia able to compete globally. And the upshot of course the energy can be reached by all levels of society and is able to attract domestic and foreign investors.

"My job is for one of them, making this sector - the Energy and Mineral Resources sector - known by the community as an efficient sector, the sector that is the basis for other sectors to compete globally," Jonan said at the event Held in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources with the theme of Realizing Inclusive Energy in Indonesia: Foundation for Sustainable Economic Growth, Thursday (26/4).

Various breakthroughs made to cut energy prices in Indonesia to be affordable both in society and industry.

"The analogy is that the cost of energy is expensive, the society is burdened, the industry is less competitive, so I cut the cost of energy," explained Jonan

One of the energy sectors that became the Jonan breakthrough is the affordability and availability of electricity energy in the community. According to him, one of the most important interconnection interfaces is to change the provider's communication pattern or in this case PLN with its customers.

"Now we are pushing PLN as an operator to make a complaint collection unit and encourage PLN to pay a fine to its customer, if we see the electricity connection is late or often dead and so on, now PLN is willing to pay (compensation cost)," said Jonan.

According to Jonan that fluctuations in the changing dollar exchange rate will cause basic energy prices to change as well. As a result, the government adopted a policy of electricity tariff adjustment every 3 months to ensure that electricity prices remain affordable and provide certainty of investment climate in Indonesia.

"How electricity is getting more and more available but the price is more affordable, I do not say the cheaper it is the government's duty How can everyone subscribe to electricity," said Jonan

Jonan explained that one of my duties from the President is to make enough electricity supply and the price is affordable. And in the New Renewable Energy sector (EBT), for the next 2 years the government targets to create 2500 villages with home solar system for 4 lamps and one mobile phone jack. And there are 10000 more villages with adequate electricity service.

"In the Renewable Energy Sector (EBT) sector, for the next 2 years the government targets to create 2500 villages with home solar system for 4 lamps and one mobile phone jack, and there are 10,000 more villages whose electricity service is inadequate," added Jonan.

In mining sector minister Jonan also made a breakthrough by encouraging the construction of a steam power plant at the mouth of the mine. Because in the long term to send electricity much cheaper and more efficient than sending coal. The same breakthrough is also the same with the gas distribution that is by the construction of the plant in the wellhead or drilling well which is then distributed directly with the transmission cable.

"We encourage the construction of steam power plants in the mouth of the mine or directly in the wellhead.This is all so that the price of electricity is much cheaper and efficient," said Jonan

And at the end of his presentation, Minister Jonan also discussed about the latest breakthrough of the diversification of Fuel (BBM) to Fuel Gas (BBG) by requiring the installation of at least 1 BBG dispenser in each gas station. The government is targeting that by 2019 there will be installed gas dispensers in 150 locations of gas stations spread over existing areas of gas infrastructure.

"We have identified 150 gas stations in various existing areas of gas infrastructure and the size of gas stations is also feasible to install gas dispenser target year until 2019," said Jonan. (NA)

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