Ministry of EMR and IEA Signed Energy Transitional Programme

Sunday, 8 December 2019 - Dibaca 684 kali



NUMBER: 697.Pers/04/SJI/2019

Date: 8 December 2019

Ministry of EMR and IEA Signed Energy Transitional Programme

Ministry of EMR and International Energy Agency (IEA) signed a cooperation program for period 2020-2021 in the framework of Energy Transitional Programme. The cooperation covers a number of points, namely Energy Data and Statistics, Energy Contingency Policy and Energy Safety, Electricity and Renewable Energy Sectors, Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency, Energy and Clean Technology including Policy Review and Capacity Building.

The cooperation was signed by Head of R&D Agency, Dadan Kusdiana, representing Minister of EMR, and IEA's Executive Director, Fatih Birol, during the IEA's Energy Ministerial Meeting in Paris, 5-6 December 2019. The 2019 Ministerial Meeting was chaired by Polish Climate Minister, Michal Kurtyka, as President of COP24 and attended by ministers of IEA member countries, IEA's accession and association, and CEOs of leading corporations.

The meeting was titled "Building the Future of Energy". The agenda included energy investment and innovation, consumer involvement and digitalization, expansion and reinforcement of energy security, inclusive, innovative, and sustainable energy system, and global energy policy.

In terms of energy data and statistics, Ministry of EMR and IEA will strengthen the capacity for data collection and data processing in the energy sector in Indonesia to ensure the country has both a comprehensive and accurate energy portfolio for policy analysis and development, and short-term information for the market and policy monitoring.

Energy contingency policy and energy safety are joint priorities of both parties for effective decision-making in meeting the emergency supplies of oil, gas, oil products, and electricity through the development of an emergency response system.

In the electricity and new, renewable energy subsector, Ministry of EMR and IEA will collaborate to identify best practices in regulation and market design to rise the investment in renewable energy and resources in Indonesia. The collaboration is aimed to support Indonesia's plan to realize the 23% target of electricity generated by hydro, solar, and other renewable energy power plants by 2025.

IEA will in particular support the development of bioenergy strategy, especially Indonesian biofuels, with a focus on biofuel blends, green diesel/HVO, technological options, and biofuel market trends. This includes a joint organization in Indonesia in 2020 that will unite biofuel industry, policy maker, and international experts in low-carbon transportation fuels.

Latest technological development and best practices of sustainable biofuel are also highlighted. The synergy between policy and energy efficiency indicators will also be improved, which includes the development of energy efficiency road map for the whole economy and the expansion of indicators for policy making and benchmarking of primary sectors. Several important points in energy efficiency include the development of low-carbon buildings and construction road map, the creation of energy consumption database of Indonesian industries and its connected website, the expansion of the transportation and industrial sectors, training and the construction of the networks.

Ministry of EMR and IEA will discuss opportunities for increased cooperation in various energy technologies. IEA will recommend options and measures to accelerate the transition to clean energy from the demand side in the industry, transportation, building, and household (city gas networks).

In the future, the two parties will jointly review informative and mutually beneficial policies for Indonesia's energy policy. Capacity building program will continue to be increased, for example training for trainers, seminars, technical aid workshop, and exchange of experts. (IY)

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