New Normal Policies for Installation Testing and SKTTK

Friday, 29 May 2020 - Dibaca 327 kali




NUMBER: 191.Pers/04/SJI/2020

Date: 29 May 2020

New Normal Policies for Installation Testing and SKTTK

To ensure service to the electricity supporting business field runs optimally amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Ministry of EMR through Directorate General of Electricity has issued some new policies that use information technology. The "New Normal" policies in electricity engineering has been set out for electrical installation testing as well as issuance of Certificate of Operation Worthiness (SLO) and competency test for Electrical Engineer Competency Certificate (SKTTK).

"DG Electricity aims to provide excellent service for Certificate of Operation Worthiness (SLO) and competency test for Electrical Engineer Competency Certificate (SKTTK) by switching from an offline system to an online one to keep the service going," said Director of Electricity Engineering and Environment of Ministry of EMR, Wanhar, in the virtual halalbihahal of DG Electricity via the Zoom app which was aired via YouTube live streaming on Thursday (28/5). The halalbihalal was attended by echelon I and II officials as well as other officials and staff of DG Electricity.

In issuing the SLO, DG Electricity has applied the Covid-19 prevention protocol so that the SLO is issued while maintaining the health of all parties involved. According to Wanhar, an important stage that needs to be adjusted is installation inspection and testing at installation site that must obey the Covid-19 prevention protocol, namely the inspector must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintain physical distancing.

"After selecting various inputs and holding inter-sectoral discussions, there are 3 conditions where SLO can be issued depending on the recent situation at the installation site, according to letter number 714/24/DLT.2/2020 that I signed on 1 April", said Wanhar.

According to Wanhar, the competency testing for SKTTK is also conducted by New Normal. The competency testing is carried out online to prevent people from gathering in a closed room and to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection for engineers and assessors involved in the testing.

The adjustment has been made official and informed to the Electricity Certification Agency for immediate implementation. DG Electricity ensures the exercise of duty, function, and service for electricity competency certification runs properly, smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of impacts on Indonesian people. Various limitations must be obeyed, from maintaining physical distance between individuals to large-scale social limitation. DG Electricity continues to prepare new procedures which can readily be adjusted to the latest condition in order to maintain productivity but under an absolute prerequisite, namely safety from Covid-19. (IY)

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