Puslitbang Tekmira Gives Loyal Customer Awards to Five Companies

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - Dibaca 1380 kali



NUMBER: 693.Pers/04/SJI/2019

Date: 4 December 2019

Puslitbang Tekmira Gives Loyal Customer Awards to Five Companies

Research and Development Center for Mineral and Coal Technology (Puslitbang tekMIRA) of Ministry of EMR holds a business gathering with their customers in Bandung, Wednesday (4/12).

Head of Puslitbang tekMIRA, Hermansyah, representing Head of R&D Agency of EMR Dadan Kusdiana, says that tekMIRA is pushed to carry out coal downstreaming and is currently promoting Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) to be immediately implemented. Puslitbang tekMIRA is also oriented towards increasing their service in mineral and coal technological innovations.

To appreciate and recognize the companies that have continuously used their services, Puslitbang tekMIRA gives Loyal Customer Awards to five companies.

Hermansyah presents the awards to PT Gemala Borneo Utama, PT Timah (Tbk.), PT Tanjung Alam Jaya, PT Kideco Jaya Agung, and PT PLN Pusat Sertifikasi (Pusertif) on the sidelines of the business gathering, which is attended by government agencies representatives, heads of mineral and coal companies, customers, and research and development institutions.

Hermansyah explains that after Puslitbang tekMIRA was established as a Public Service Agency (BLU), it has transformed into a self-dependent agency that strives to improve its services to the public through commercialization of R&D products and consultation service, and laboratory services.

Through the transformation, Puslitbang tekMIRA believes it can improve its competency and professionalism as a research center and as an agency that offers services to the public and the mineral and coal industries.

"Our current orientation is to improve our services in mineral and coal technological innovations, to strengthen energy security and mineral added value, that can be directly used by the public and the business community", Hermansyah stated.

The business gathering is also used as a communication medium to introduce Puslitbang tekMIRA's latest products that can be used by the public and the industry, for example, coal downstreaming technology.

"We continue to promote the Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology for immediate implementation", Hermansyah added.

As an R&D agency in charge of the research, development, engineering, assessment, technological application, and service in mineral and coal subsector, Puslitbang Tekmira offers a variety of services such as mineral processing and use, coal processing and use, mining, and laboratory testing.

Coordinators of Research and Development Groups (KP3) present various services while laboratory testing is offered by Head of R&D Facility and Infrastructure Division.

Various technologies in coal processing and use are offered to partners, for example Cyclone Burner, mini gasifier (Gasmin), coal gasification, low-rank coal upgrading, coal pyrolysis, charcoal production, active carbon, carbon raiser and casting coke, the use of fine coal to briquette, and coal tar pitch. (IY)

Head of Bureau of Communication, Public Information Services, and Cooperation

Agung Pribadi (08112213555)

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