Users of Solar Rooftop System Up by 181%

Friday, 29 November 2019 - Dibaca 675 kali



NUMBER: 684.Pers/04/SJI/2019

Date: 29 November 2019

Users of Solar Rooftop System Up by 181%

After Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) No. 49 of 2018 on the Use of Solar Rooftop System (PLTS) by PT PLN (Persero) Consumers was issued, the number of Solar Rooftop users has boosted by 181% than the previous.

The issuance of the legal basis for Solar Rooftop is part of the government's efforts to promote the use of New, Renewable Energy (NRE) which currently totals 9,761.5 MW only. The Ministerial Regulation has now been perfected by MR Nos. 12 and 13 of 2019.

"After MR No. 49 of 2018 was issued, there is a hike in the number of Solar Rooftop users to 181%. I'm optimistic the use of New, Renewable Energy will reach 23% by 2025 because provincial governments have started to use Solar Rooftop, for example, the provincial governments of Bali, Jakarta, West Java," said Vice President Planning and Development of Innovative Products of PT PLN (Persero) Leo Basuki at the Thematic Bakohumas of Ministry of EMR in Bandung, Thursday (28/11).

He gives an example of the provincial government of Bali. Bali issued Governor Regulation No. 45 of 2019 on Bali Clean Energy, requiring every national and regional government building, as well as commercial, industrial, social, and household building which floor width is over five hundred square meters to use Solar Rooftop between 2021 and 2024. The provincial government of Jakarta has also issued a governor instruction ordering the use Solar Rooftop on every regional government building, school building, sports building, and health facility.

"To reduce air pollution, Governor of Jakarta has issued Governor Instruction that orders the installation of Solar Rooftop at a number school buildings, each at a capacity of 15 KWp; for 2020, I was informed that service office buildings must be installed Solar Rooftop," explained Leo.

Until September 2019, as many as 1,435 Solar Rooftop systems have been installed, with more than 800 are new customers who installed the Solar Rooftop after the MR was issued in December 2018. The Solar Rooftop is a variant of NRE uses that the government is promoting to increase NRE uses, solar power in particular. (IY)

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