With New Electricity Connection, Mama Merri can Now Read the Word of God at Night

Sunday, 13 October 2019 - Dibaca 1330 kali




NUMBER: 609.Pers/04/SJI/2019

Dated: 13th October 2019

With New Electricity Connection, Mama Merri can Now Read the Word of God at Night

The friendly lady's name is Mariana Well. Mama Merri, that's how she is called. She lives in a bamboo-walled house with her husband and three children in East Lewoleba Village, Nubatukan Subdistrict, Lembata Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Her husband works as a well digger, while Mama Merri works as a farm labor or helps with the work of her neighbors to make ends meet.

That night, Mama Merri looked very happy. Ever since the house has had electricity connection, Mama Meri can read the Bible at night while accompanying her son, Aris Yanto Well, who is still at primary school, studying. "I am so happy now, because I can read the Word (of God), and accompany my son studying. I couldn't (read the Word), (because) the light bulb was so dim, (electricity) was connected from a neighbor," said Mama Merri at her home, Saturday night (12/10).

Mama Merri said that before the house had electricity connection, she found it difficult to read the Bible. "We are busy working all day long. At night, we could not read (because there was little light). Now we can. This is a wonderful blessing from God. Thank you," she said tearfully, unable to constraint her emotion.

Mama Merri now has a plan to collect money to buy a TV set for her family. "If we have extra money, (I) want to buy a TV set, so our children can watch TV at home. Now they go to our neighbors' houses, to watch TV," said Mama Merri, while her two daughters, Astiana Well and Menehim Well, both of whom are young teenagers, smiled shyly.

Mama Merri's house is one of the 202 houses in Lembata Regency enjoying electricity, thanks to the free electricity connection donated by the employees of Ministry of EMR. In Lembata Regency, as many as 341 houses have been set to receive such aid.

"Free electricity connections are available for 341 houses in Lembata, 202 houses have been connected. Please speed up the verification. If there are still others who cannot afford to have the connection, another 2,000-3,000 (free electricity connection) will be alocated. On condition, (these are) for the needy," said Minister Jonan who was present in Lembata to officially launch a One-Price Fuel Station in Omesuri Subdistrict, Lembata, Friday (11/10). (KO)

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