Vision & Mision

Vision & Mission

By considering the interests, the development challenges, and the goals of the country, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has the following vision and missions for 2015 - 2019:

"Creating Indonesia as a Sovereign, Independent, and Good Personality State Based on Mutual Cooperation"

Achieving the vision by performing the following 7 Development Missions:

  1. Providing national security to defend sovereignty, supporting economic autonomy by securing maritime resources and reflecting the Indonesian personality as an archipelago state;
  2. Creating a developed, sustainable, and democratic community on legal basis;
  3. Creating the independent and active foreign policy and strengthening the true identity as a maritime State;
  4. Improving a high, developed, and prosperous Indonesian quality of life;
  5. Creating a competitive ;
  6. Materializing Indonesia as an independent, developed, strong, and national-based oriented maritime State;
  7. Realizing a cultural personality community.