Geo-Flow Imaging Technology Pressures the Cost of Geothermal Exploration

Monday, 19 March 2018 - Dibaca 2384 kali

JAKARTA - To invite the technology experts of IESE (Institute of Earth Science and Engineering) from New Zealand, Peter Leary, developing the Geo-Flow Imaging technology, the seminar of Geo-Flow Imaging is initiated by the Research and Development Agency of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Jakarta (15/3)

Geo-Flow Imaging is the latest technology and methodology to map geothermal systems more accurately with more efficient drilling costs significantly. Attending the event, geophysicists and geologists of the Research and Development Agency of EMR, R & D of geothermal power companies, and academics.

According to Peter, the geo-flow imaging technology can provide the identification results of geothermal energy resources in the loading process. "Geo-Flow Imaging will also provide the best process and cost-effective to identify geothermal energy resources that deserve to be exploited," he said.

It, Peter continued, will reduce the cost of exploration and drilling the geothermal wells that cheaper, faster, and better. "By Geo-Flow Imaging will also reduce the risk and increase the investment return more fast," said Peter.

The man who studied in Chicago University explained, this method has previously been successfully is applied to oil and gas exploration (oil and gas). With some modifications, Geo-Flow Imaging has also successfully is applied in geothermal.

Peter wrote 50 articles in mass media and 50 papers in various international journals about on crustal deformation, seismic observation and instrumentation, and simulation of percolation flows on cracked critical media for applications into the geothermal industry.

Head of Research and Development Agency of EMR, Sutijastoto, on the occasion stated the almost 70% of geothermal investment is for upstream development. "Upstream investment is dominated by well cost that contributed about 70 percents. It means the leading-edge drilling technology rule is very crucial to boost the economy of geothermal energy development," he said.

He hopes that the researchers after obtaining this new insight, can develop some innovative technologies that can reduce costs in geothermal drilling to support the availability of sustainable and affordable energy in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Director of PT Energy Development Center (EDC) of Geothermal Indonesia, Delas M. Pontolumiu explained that the methodology adopted from oil and gas drilling technology has never been practiced in PT EDC geothermal upstream activities. If it is conducted in the exploration and exploitation phase will be easier and reduce the cost of drilling. This methodology is to be piloted in a pilot project in one geothermal working area of the seven WK geothermal PT EDC in the Philippines.

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