Minimizing Earthquake Impacts, PVMBG Holds Dissemination in Banjarnegara

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NUMBER: 690.Pers/04/SJI/2019

Date: 3 December 2019

Minimizing Earthquake Impacts, PVMBG Holds Dissemination in Banjarnegara

Banjarnegara Regency in Central Java Province is a region vulnerable to earthquake, with epicenter located at active faults on land. The distribution of these active faults has not been identified and well mapped, but these faults are estimated in the areas of Kalibening to Wanayasa. Banjarnegara has at least been shaken twice by earthquakes, namely on 19 April 2013 of magnitude M 4.8 and in 2018 of magnitude M 4.4. Both earthquakes are located on land at a depth of 10 meter and 4 meter, respectively.

To minimize earthquake impacts in Banjarnegara, Center for Volcanology and Mitigation of Geological Hazards (PVMBG), Geological Agency of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) holds a dissemination of the mitigation of geological and tsunami hazards, in particular to schools impacted by the 2018 earthquake, namely SMP Negeri 2 Kalibening, SD Negeri 1 Kertosari, and SD Negeri 1 Kasinoman on 26-28 November 2019.

"Until now, we cannot accurately predict when, where, and how strong an earthquake will strike, so our best chance in facing the possible recurrence of earthquake is mitigation efforts. One of these efforts is guidance or dissemination," said Dissemination Team Head, Arianne Pingkan Lewu.

The dissemination covers presentation about earthquake and tsunami, earthquake games, and a simulation of an earthquake occurring when students and teachers are in classroom. Students engage in a role-play about what to do when an earthquake strikes while they are in the classroom.

Arianne hopes the materials presented at the dissemination can give understanding to elementary and junior high students in Banjarnegara. The aim is to increase student's capacity about earthquake and tsunami. In addition, Arianne requests that the teachers of the three schools should carry out earthquake simulation routinely.

"In the future, if an earthquake or tsunami strikes, students and teachers are expected to apply the knowledge they have gained, so that we can minimize panic and casualties of earthquake and tsunami in Banjarnegara," Arianne said. (IY)

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